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The Paper Presentation contest provides a platform for aspiring scholars to present their ideas and innovations in front of a very learned and erudite audience. The conference will bring together leading researchers, engineers, and scientists from around the world, for discussion over the most feasible solutions to some of the many pertinent engineering problems. Often, the interaction between the speakers and the audience results in new perspectives and dimensions of thoughts.

This event has traditionally been the fulcrum of COMET. Colloquium's theme revolves around the vision of COMET: "Discover Design Develope", the 3 D'S of Engineering & Technology with Colloquium as its flagship event, the Silver Jubilee edition of COMET mainly focusing on the foundation stones in the field of engineering. The 3-D's represent basic procedure of the genesis of new technologies, researches in various areas. Discovery, fuelled by curiosity provides only an abstract idea which is required to be fabricated via design for implementation taking care of the complications involved. Development is the construction of this idea into a technological marvel to create an impact on mankind. These 3D's together make an idea endeavour into a technology that revolutionises the world.

This chapter of COMET aims at embolden young talented minds so that they can apply the academic knowledge to Discover new possibilities, Design new world, and Develop megastructures for the welfare of society. Taking into consideration these goals and challenges, COMET '19 promises to bring forth the exciting prospects, the diversity, and the vast scope of the ongoing research in Mechanical Engineering.

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Caliber ‘de-en-quete’ is intended to play around the qualities of a personnel and apprise the person who can be at the apex. Only multi-faceted personality having the perfect blend of IQ and EQ can withstand a series of arduous tests aimed at distinguishing the personnel armored with technical and managerial acumen along with intellect.

COMET-16 organized the first round of this event, comprising of an MCQ written test, in more than 50 colleges & schools across the nation with an enthusiastic participation from over 7000 students

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GD/PI Sessions